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Customer Success Story - Fitzgerald Equipment

About Fitzgerald Equipment Fitzgerald Equipment has been a part of the material handling industry since 1962 as a service provider and distributor of best-in-class material handling products. The company distributes lift trucks and provides leasing and rental services. Their team of professionals offers around-the-clock repair and service, high-quality products, parts and rentals for all material handling needs. 
A need for change Before introducing Stellana’s Tmax tires, Fitzgerald Equipment was facing constant frustration with the drive tires on their enclosed end rider trucks. Operators were experiencing a lack of traction, poor steering ability, and rider discomfort. Not only were these problems creating a nuisance, but a safety hazard, as well. 
Through continual observation and repair, the service techs noticed that with use the drive tires were developing a prominent sheen on the tire surface. The compromised surface was the result of one issue but became the root of additional…

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