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What makes Stellana’s safety culture different?

What makes Stellana’s safety culture different? Safety is a topic that is being heavily discussed by the material handling industry this month. Tuesday, June 11th marks National Forklift Safety Day. This day provides a chance for forklift manufacturers to highlight proper forklift usage, the value of thorough operator training, and the importance of regular equipment checks. While this is an event intended to raise forklift safety awareness, this day opens the dialogue for greater safety awareness in all daily activities. At Stellana, safety is a yearlong commitment practiced every day in all operations. After a recent plant-wide safety inspection, we find it timely to discuss how unified safety practices can create the best work environments.
To retain worker’s compensation insurance, we must receive quarterly inspections. During this time, losses from the year are reviewed, and the facility is toured to evaluate the practices in place, workstation ergonomics, and any other changes to…

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