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Industry | Tips for Busy Holiday Season

Tis the Busy Season, Tips to be Prepared It’s the holiday season and in the material handling industry this means it’s also the busy season. Orders are coming in tenfold, you’re trying to ship items out as fast as possible, and the one thing you don’t want to happen is an equipment breakdown that stops your whole flow of operation. To help your operations run smoothly, you need to be aware of what impacts your process, including when your suppliers are available, so that you can plan and prepare. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind throughout the holidays. 1. Keep your projections up-to-date Have you ever forgotten to buy your gifts ahead of time and find yourself rushing the week before to purchase them? This is a common occurrence with holiday shopping, but it should be something you are prepared for with order fulfillment. Ensure your projections are accurate so that you’re working to match order needs that are yet to come and that projections are broken down to the daily level.

Future | Stellana & Hyperloop

Stellana Provides Wheels for Hyperloop Competition Travel is no longer a question of if, but when. We travel daily through a variety of modes of transportation – car, bus, plane, etc. The question now is, “Are we traveling in the most efficient way?” Hyperloop is a conceptual fifth mode of transportation consisting of levitating high-speed capsules traveling through low-pressure vacuum tubes. The concept was introduced by Elon Musk in 2013, through his company SpaceX , and aims to provide a cheaper, more efficient, and more sustainable alternative to existing methods of transportation. Levitation test of Paradigm Pod To speed up development and encourage innovation in the younger generation, the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition was created in 2015. The competition is an open challenge to student teams across the globe to design and build Hyperloop test vehicles. Teams compete for the ultimate prize of performing a high-speed run in the mile-long Hyperloop system in Hawthorne,

Safety | Protect Your Hearing

Say What?  We don’t often worry about our hearing until later in life, but according to the CDC, at least 10 million adults in the U.S. (6 percent of the population) under age 70 – and perhaps as many as 40 million adults (24 percent) – may have hearing loss from noise in one or both ears. 1 This may seem surprising, but hearing loss because of noise can happen in many ways. When you do think of noise-induced hearing loss, we often assume it occurs from a one-time event, like being too close to the stage at a concert. However, most noise-induced hearing loss does not occur because of a one-time occurrence. It slowly affects us over time withmuch warning. Once you damage your hearing, you can’t fix it. Luckily though, there are actions we can all take to prevent noise induced hearing loss. Three key steps can help protect your hearing according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: lower the volume, move away, and wear hearing protectors.  These steps are simple

Hello | Welcome to Behind the Wheel

Hello & Welcome Welcome to Behind the Wheel, Stellana’s entry into the blogosphere. Our goal for the articles we post is to help the industries we serve understand our products, processes and people better. We understand how integral our products are to your organizations and products; and yet, how little useful information is available to you and your customers. Through these articles we intend to illustrate the work that goes into the production of the wheels you use. We want to explain what happens “behind the wheel” so you can better understand our products and better serve your customers.  Topics to be covered: What is Polyurethane Polyurethane Wheels and Safety Failure Mode Analysis Polyurethane Grade Selection Processing Parameters and Quality Assurance Tread Treatments Data for Sales At Stellana our goal is to be a tool for you and your organization. We want our products and services to make you better. As such, we will use this blog to improve your understa