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Safety | Not just a Tire

Going Beyond the Tire with Safety Happy National Forklift Safety Day! Forklift safety is something to keep in mind throughout the entire year, but with the help from the International Truck Association (ITA) , we can utilize this day as a reminder and learn something we didn’t know about forklift safety along the way. Throughout this week, ITA will be connecting with policymakers and government officials in improving forklift safety laws while manufacturers and dealers will be taking the opportunity to retrain their forklift operators. Did you know though that forklift safety extends far beyond the people involved but to the equipment itself? The tires we use on our forklifts can make a huge impact on safety.  A tire is not just a tire when it comes to the safety of your employees. Why? In today’s fast paced economy, products are being shipped out faster than ever before with shorter and shorter delivery times. Material handlers are expected to keep up causing them to move towa