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Quality | Preventing Forklift Tire Walk-Offs

Understanding & Preventing Walk-Offs Your warehouse is in full swing. Forklifts are zipping in and out, moving products. Everything is going to plan, that is until a forklift operator experiences a walk-off. They don’t happen often, but when they do, walk-offs can be a serious safety hazard. You can easily wreck the transmission system if the wheel turns in or drop a load if the forklift comes to an immediate halt. Just think about the situations the operator could be in. Is the operator carrying a heavy load or up in the air on a scissors lift? From the forklift to the operator, to others in the surrounding area, walk-offs affect the entire operation and deserve a further discussion on preventative practices. How and Why Walk-Offs Happen Walk-offs occur for two main reasons. To understand these two reasons, you need to first understand the basic breakdown of a forklift press-on tire. We’re going to be looking at three main components: the hub, the band, and the urethane. Th