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Stellana Sweden Is Expanding Capacity This Quarter

We are excited to announce Stellana Sweden will be adding capacity to its Laxå facility. During the fourth quarter of 2019, this location will install a new 4K-casting machine to streamline MDI production. The new manufacturing line will expand the production of the wheels and rollers that are critical to the material handling industry.
Erik Unnersjö, Sales and Marketing Director at Stellana Sweden, commented, "The new line will increase our capacity for MDI materials. These include our Powerthane, Powerfriction, and Powerthane Plus materials - which range in hardness from 65 to 95 Shore A. The increased capacity will also result in shorter lead times and improved customer service.”
The investment will support growth across Stellana's existing customer base while increasing its in-house manufacturing capabilities. An expanded manufacturing footprint will also allow Sweden's technical team to continue developing existing and new materials.
This facility has an experienced, we…

Six Questions You Can Use to Determine Which Polyurethane Tire You Need

Six Questions to Determine the Polyurethane Tire You Need­­
When it comes to tires, we can agree that they are round, and they roll. So, selecting the right one should be pretty straightforward, right? If you have read our Picking the Right Polypost, you probably know that more thought must go into this process.

Back in February, we covered the basics of what to consider when selecting the best tire for your needs. We hope this information improved your polyurethane knowledge and confidence in material selection, but we realize the details might slip your mind when you are in the field. For this reason, we created a material selection guide that can be easily used to analyze a facility’s needs and identify the best-suited material. In a technical industry, the idea of chemistry and polymer formation can be intimidating to many of us. We’ve identified six simple questions that get to the bottom of your needs, stripping away the daunting engineering values that can be hard to interpret.…

Long Live the Stellana Tire: A remarkable life of 9,190.40 hours

How long will a polyurethane tire last? This is a hard question to answer, and the best answer would be "it depends" because the life is not the same for any two products. Our engineers can calculate estimates for how long they should last, but the material, tire size, load, speed, floor, and environmental conditions all play a factor. The pictured tire may be an outlier, but its life span is pretty impressive. Bill Rohan, Parts Manager at Trupar America, sent us this photo of a diamond grooved Gmax™ tire that was just shy of turning four years old while on the job. After being placed on the equipment October 15, 2015, this tire just retired July 2, 2019, with total usage of 9190.40 hours. This tire's life in hours equates to 1 year and 18 days of use, but it was not running continuously. Impressively though, it was working around the clock approximately 47 hours a week over the last 193 weeks. This number, 9190.40, is over double a 4,000.00-hour life – which would be c…

Are excessive warranty headaches calling for a breakup with your supplier?

Stellana wheels are used throughout several industries. In all cases, our wheels serve as a piece to a greater assembly. Our parts often provide mobility or movement to the equipment they accompany. When a wheel fails in production or the field, the structure cannot function as intended, and the customer file warranty claim. Frequent failure and warranty issues play a significant role in the buyer's decision to choose a new supplier.
Many of our customers have chosen Stellana as a supplier to escape their warranty issues. In one specific instance, we have sent a scissor lift manufacturer over 13,000 parts - many of which have been in use for several years. To date, the Stellana components that the customer has received have resulted in zero warranty claims – and this is a realistic expectation for your supplier. The elimination of warranty has greatly reduced their costs. Overabundant warranty claims should not be a part of your supplier relationship.
Why are frequent claims a pro…

What makes Stellana’s safety culture different?

What makes Stellana’s safety culture different? Safety is a topic that is being heavily discussed by the material handling industry this month. Tuesday, June 11th marks National Forklift Safety Day. This day provides a chance for forklift manufacturers to highlight proper forklift usage, the value of thorough operator training, and the importance of regular equipment checks. While this is an event intended to raise forklift safety awareness, this day opens the dialogue for greater safety awareness in all daily activities. At Stellana, safety is a yearlong commitment practiced every day in all operations. After a recent plant-wide safety inspection, we find it timely to discuss how unified safety practices can create the best work environments.
To retain worker’s compensation insurance, we must receive quarterly inspections. During this time, losses from the year are reviewed, and the facility is toured to evaluate the practices in place, workstation ergonomics, and any other changes to…

Q&A: Piper Howell, Stellana Engineer, on the MIT Hyperloop II Pod Unveil

The Hyperloop pod competition was first announced in 2015 by SpaceX. Student teams were challenged to design and build the best functioning, innovative prototypes of high-speed pods. Since the announcement in 2015, three competitions have taken place in January 2017, August 2017, and July 2018. Over the course of the competitions, Stellana has gained recognition by demonstrating success through their wheels and tires. This year we are working with a couple of groups, one of which is MIT Hyperloop II. Piper Howell, Stellana Engineer, has worked closely with this team and was able to attend the pod unveil May 22. We have put together a brief Q&A to provide some insight into the competition and the future of this alternative transportation.
How did Stellana begin working with MIT Hyperloop II?
The lead of MIT’s team, Vik Parthiban, had participated in a prior competition as an undergraduate student in Texas. After beginning graduate school at MIT, he took on the role as their team capt…

Beyond the Forklift: 7 Surprising Applications for Polyurethane Wheels

What application comes to mind when you think of polyurethane wheels and tires? I would bet forklifts do for many of you. While a countless number of our polyurethane wheels and tires are used on forklifts, our materials excel within a variety of other applications. Our engineering expertise and manufacturing experience allow us to produce high-quality polyurethane for a variety of industries that you may not have imagined.
Stellana is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of molded polyurethane products. Our engineering team consists of mechanical and chemical engineers who have a unique understanding of polymer formation. This department is equipped to tackle product design, tooling, material selection and carry out a variety of performance analytics. Whether it is a new design or one in need of improvement, our engineers find a way to offer the best solution.
7 Surprising Applications
At Stellana, we think of ourselves as application specialists because of our ability to provide u…