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Picking the Right Poly: Which Stellana product is right for you?

At Stellana, we manufacture custom wheels, tires, and profiles from an assortment of different polyurethane bases. Our capabilities allow us to create unique, custom solutions. With the ability to manipulate shape, size, hardness, and cosmetic characteristics we can create most of the structures you can imagine. Despite this, throughout our history, we have established several product lines to excel under many specific warehouse conditions. Polyurethane Wheels & Tires Forklift wheels and tires are not one size fits all. The three main categories that exist today are polyurethane, pneumatic, and rubber. Polyurethane wheels and tires are one of the primary products manufactured at Stellana. Polyurethane exceeds in indoor use compared to rubber. Polyurethane is a versatile material that is known for its favorable qualities such as durability, chemical resistance, and overall resilience. Our process allows us to mold and machine polyurethane compounds for nearly every type of