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Q&A: Piper Howell, Stellana Engineer, on the MIT Hyperloop II Pod Unveil

The Hyperloop pod competition was first announced in 2015 by SpaceX. Student teams were challenged to design and build the best functioning, innovative prototypes of high-speed pods. Since the announcement in 2015, three competitions have taken place in January 2017, August 2017, and July 2018. Over the course of the competitions, Stellana has gained recognition by demonstrating success through their wheels and tires. This year we are working with a couple of groups, one of which is MIT Hyperloop II. Piper Howell, Stellana Engineer, has worked closely with this team and was able to attend the pod unveil May 22. We have put together a brief Q&A to provide some insight into the competition and the future of this alternative transportation. How did Stellana begin working with MIT Hyperloop II? The lead of MIT’s team, Vik Parthiban, had participated in a prior competition as an undergraduate student in Texas. After beginning graduate school at MIT, he took on the role as th

Beyond the Forklift: 7 Surprising Applications for Polyurethane Wheels

What application comes to mind when you think of polyurethane wheels and tires? I would bet forklifts do for many of you. While a countless number of our polyurethane wheels and tires are used on forklifts, our materials excel within a variety of other applications. Our engineering expertise and manufacturing experience allow us to produce high-quality polyurethane for a variety of industries that you may not have imagined. Stellana is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of molded polyurethane products. Our engineering team consists of mechanical and chemical engineers who have a unique understanding of polymer formation. This department is equipped to tackle product design, tooling, material selection and carry out a variety of performance analytics. Whether it is a new design or one in need of improvement, our engineers find a way to offer the best solution. 7 Surprising Applications At Stellana , we think of ourselves as application specialists because of our abil

Top 3 Reasons We Recommend the max90

Polyurethane is a versatile material that is known for its favorable qualities such as durability, chemical resistance, and overall resilience. Polyurethane’s chemistry can be modified to accentuate the desired material properties for each unique application. The max90 tire was formulated for you if: 1. You are handling very heavy loads at high speeds The max90 is made from a 90-durometer polyurethane material. Durometer refers to the hardness of the material and it had a lot to do with the tire’s performance. At Stellana, our polyurethane tires range from 70-95 durometer. The max90’s unique polymer formation tolerates extreme load capacity and fast speeds. With the demands for increased SKUs, expedited delivery and higher volumes of e-commerce purchases and returns, your fleets are constantly moving! The max90 will keep up with the higher speed requirements and carry heavier loads. This tire was engineered to withstand more stress while retaining the positive attributes o