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Are excessive warranty headaches calling for a breakup with your supplier?

Stellana wheels are used throughout several industries. In all cases, our wheels serve as a piece to a greater assembly. Our parts often provide mobility or movement to the equipment they accompany. When a wheel fails in production or the field, the structure cannot function as intended, and the customer file warranty claim. Frequent failure and warranty issues play a significant role in the buyer's decision to choose a new supplier. Many of our customers have chosen Stellana as a supplier to escape their warranty issues. In one specific instance, we have sent a scissor lift manufacturer over 13,000 parts - many of which have been in use for several years. To date, the Stellana components that the customer has received have resulted in zero warranty claims – and this is a realistic expectation for your supplier. The elimination of warranty has greatly reduced their costs. Overabundant warranty claims should not be a part of your supplier relationship. Why are frequent c