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Long Live the Stellana Tire: A remarkable life of 9,190.40 hours

How long will a polyurethane tire last? This is a hard question to answer, and the best answer would be "it depends" because the life is not the same for any two products. Our engineers can calculate estimates for how long they should last, but the material, tire size, load, speed, floor, and environmental conditions all play a factor. What does a tire look like after 9190.40 hours of use? Take a look! The pictured tire may be an outlier, but its life span is pretty impressive. Bill Rohan, Parts Manager at Trupar America , sent us this photo of a diamond grooved Gmax™ tire that was just shy of turning four years old while on the job. After being placed on the equipment October 15, 2015, this tire just retired July 2, 2019, with total usage of 9190.40 hours. This tire's life in hours equates to 1 year and 18 days of use, but it was not running continuously. Impressively though, it was working around the clock approximately 47 hours a week over the last 193 weeks.