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Six Questions You Can Use to Determine Which Polyurethane Tire You Need

Six Questions to Determine the Polyurethane Tire You Need­­ When it comes to tires, we can agree that they are round, and they roll. So, selecting the right one should be pretty straightforward, right? If you have read our Picking the Right Poly post, you probably know that more thought must go into this process. Back in February, we covered the basics of what to consider when selecting the best tire for your needs. We hope this information improved your polyurethane knowledge and confidence in material selection, but we realize the details might slip your mind when you are in the field. For this reason, we created a material selection guide that can be easily used to analyze a facility’s needs and identify the best-suited material. In a technical industry, the idea of chemistry and polymer formation can be intimidating to many of us. We’ve identified six simple questions that get to the bottom of your needs, stripping away the daunting engineering values that can be hard to