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HEXPOL Appoints New Controller of HEXPOL Engineered Products

Jim Stevens has been promoted to Controller of HEXPOL Engineered Products as of October 25, 2019. This change will support strategic growth in the Engineered Products division and further diversify Jim’s involvement across the business segment. In his new role, Jim will use data analysis to provide business insights that will grow the Engineered Products division. “We are happy to share this opportunity with Jim as he has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the HEXPOL organization. Throughout his employment at Stellana, Jim has continued to demonstrate success through his analytical thinking and leadership skills. I am confident that Jim will contribute to HEXPOL’s continued development in his new role.” - Gabriela Karlsson, Financial Director. Jim has extensive experience in accounting, management, and finance. Jim began his employment at Stellana in 2012 as an Accountant where he was further promoted to Controller at Stellana US and then Director of Finance and IT.

Understanding the Types of Rubber Tires Used Within the Material Handling Industry

At Stellana, we are most well-known for our polyurethane wheels and tires, but we also manufacture rubber tires. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of rubber tires available and how they are used within the material handling industry. Every tire material and structure has its pros and cons. Each one has an intended use that varies based on truck type, environment, and application. POB or Cushion Tires Polyurethane tires fill an essential gap in the material handling industry. These tires offer superior performance to rubber in many instances. The lightweight material provides durable abrasion and wear resistance, load-bearing capabilities, and impact resistance. These dynamic properties lead to stronger resistance to splitting, tearing, and chunking in comparison to rubber. This material is only suitable for indoor use, unlike rubber, but it is known to deliver a much longer lifespan. These tires also provide excellent traction and low-rolling resistance which enhances

Stellana Sweden Is Expanding Capacity This Quarter

We are excited to announce Stellana Sweden will be adding capacity to its Laxå facility. During the fourth quarter of 2019, this location will install a new 4K-casting machine to streamline MDI production. The new manufacturing line will expand the production of the wheels and rollers that are critical to the material handling industry.   Erik Unnersjö, Sales and Marketing Director at Stellana Sweden, commented, "The new line will increase our capacity for MDI materials. These include our Powerthane, Powerfriction, and Powerthane Plus materials - which range in hardness from 65 to 95 Shore A. The increased capacity will also result in shorter lead times and improved customer service.” The investment will support growth across Stellana's existing customer base while increasing its in-house manufacturing capabilities. An expanded manufacturing footprint will also allow Sweden's technical team to continue developing existing and new materials.   This facility