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The Effectiveness of Polyurethane Wheels in the Hyperloop Pod Competition and How It Relates to You

MIT Hyperloop II Pod Unveil 2019 When it comes to extreme applications, Stellana is known to be a leader in the manufacturing of engineered polyurethane wheel solutions. For that reason, we were excited when our involvement in the Hyperloop Pod Competition gave us a new reason to push polyurethane to its limit. We discuss the process we took to make the final wheels and what the competition findings could mean for the existing industries using Stellana wheels. The Process Our task was to engineer polyurethane drive, stability, and clamping wheels that could hold up to ultra-high speeds. Working alongside the student teams, we assisted in hub design, advised material selection, and produced the final wheels. Design Hub Design Each university team provided us with their proposed hub drawings. Groups aimed to minimize the hub's weight without sacrificing load and speed requirements. The hub design process was iterative and accounted for manufacturing feasibility a