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Local Company Shifts Production to Make Masks for Their Community

Billy Joe of PFI Fashions Inc. By now, we are all aware there is a PPE shortage for many of the workers who need protective equipment the most. One of the most talked-about items are masks. We are also hearing how many companies are experiencing an extreme decline in business. A local company, PFI Fashions Inc., took what could be a negative situation and used their open capacity to make a very positive impact on their local community.  Jodie and Billy Joe Todd, owners of PFI, took it upon themselves to begin manufacturing masks for those in need. Located in Genoa City, WI the full-service company specializes in screen printing, promotional products, and embroidery. Within the course of a week, they have completely shifted their production focus to making washable, cotton face masks. They have been generously donating them to Aurora Hospital, local EMTs, and the other essential workers who need them the most. Because of their hard work, we were able to purcha

Stellana Developed Powerthane® Plus as replacement for Vulkollan®

Our Task – Vulkollan Scarcity The material handling industry has continued to face a shortage of Vulkollan wheels and rollers. What is Vulkollan®*? Vulkollan is a cast polyurethane elastomer that is known to offer the ultimate performance under the most demanding applications. The material has gained a reputation for being one of the toughest polyurethanes available, and many members of the industry believe that there are no substitutes for a material of this caliber. Vulkollan® wheels and rollers are widely used on industrial trucks in Europe. Characterized by their dynamic load bearing capabilities and low wear and tear, these products minimize the need for service. Many equipment manufacturers count on Vulkollan products to keep their trucks up and running. At Stellana Sweden, we have a state-of-the-art Vulkollan production line that is dedicated to making Vulkollan wheels. However, we too have had trouble supplying these products. Material Shortage Since

Stellana Cancelling Participation at MODEX in Atlanta

Due to the concerns surrounding coronavirus, Stellana will no longer be exhibiting at the MODEX show. Scheduled to run next week, MODEX takes place in Atlanta, March 9-12, 2020. In addition, we had planned to pull our attendance from LogiMAT held in Germany the same week, but the show has since been canceled. The health and safety of our employees is our primary concern. As the coronavirus continues to spread worldwide and nationally, we have decided that we will not be sending our team members to participate in the MODEX 2020 show.    With an expected turnout of 30,000, the MODEX show brings together many visitors from throughout the United States and overseas, and there is a chance that the spread of the coronavirus will continue here. While we looked forward to the valuable facetime with our customers, dealers, and vendors, we feel this is the best decision for the health and safety of its employees. Thank you for your understanding!