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Stellana’s Role as an Essential Business During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Stores are overwhelmed, warehouses are facing extreme stress, and our wheels and tires are being used even more than usual. In a time when companies are undergoing closures, e  The coronavirus outbreak is creating a challenging landscape for companies like ours that provide parts for the material handling and supply chain industries. We're looking at how our production is being affected by the influx in demand for essential items, why it crucial we continue to work through this time and the challenges of having a global supply chain. Increased Demand for Essential Goods When the health officials started to make recommendations on how we could mitigate the risk of coronavirus spread in our country, one of the first recommendations made was to keep a 2-week supply of food, prescriptions, and other essential goods in your home. Consumers around the nation immediately found that many vital products became universally out of stock. Some of the main culprits being toilet